Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sumo is a generous traditional sports of Japan which the athlete will try to push the opponent out from the rounded court called Dohyo or to force their opponent to touch the ground with any parts of their body except for their feet.People in Japan assume that sumo as kokugi(national skill).

It is the one of the oldest tradition until today.Eventhough,this type of sport still have many ceremony elements like the use of salt as the concecration since period of shinto religion adherent.


The professional sumo are officially organised by Nihon Sumo Kyokai or the association of japan sumo.The members of association,oyakata(teacher) all of them are the ex-athlete of sumo sports.They are the one who responsible to train the fresh students.All the sumo trainees are still the meembers of the training centre,Heya(Rooms) manage by one of the oyakata who trains under him.until nowdays about 54 heya placed around 700 sumo members.


Each of them will divide into 6 group according to their standards.Once they turn into the world of professional sumo,they will start from the lower part as a beginner and after they will attempt to reach the higher stages of sumo status.

the first two level of upper status is called sekitori(gateway holder).while those who are at the bottom line known as rikishi.Well if you heard this name look like familiar its true because if you are the one of the fan of favourite channel of wwe champion on television program,one of their wrestler use this title as his name 'rikishi'.

Actually there have a lot of title in the profession of sumo but there have one the highest level in this system which is known as yokozuna and the other 5 group which is start from upper to lower are juryo,makushita,sandanme,jonidan and the last one is jonokuchi.

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