Friday, March 26, 2010


Yeah baby!! lets talk about cheese.. one of my favourite food!!!

Actually im a bit glad to have this oppurtunity and chance to make some of the article of cheese.While im busy in studying and doing reseach about this thing it make me realize that i need to know something about it.. so lets accompany me as we learn together what i have found some of the info of the yellow some round and some cube shape thing called cheese!! ullalla!!

Cheese is mainly nutrious food made mostly from milk cows but also other mammals

include sheep,goat,buffalo,reindeer,camels and yaks.around 400 years ago,people started to breed animals and process milk and thats when cheese is born.

what i know is about 670 cheese around the world by each country of its origin.

Famous cheese well known is Cheddar,camembert,stilton,parmesan and other so much more.


Do you believe that cheese is actually came from prehistoric times.It can't said to be create or invented.simple result in nepotism(plz refer to dictionary) the cheese itself is left in the container ends up by coagulating and even more it is hot.In warmer weather,the milk would curdle faster than in cold.So i think this is might actually considered as the first technological cheesemaking history.There a few country which had the greatest named in history of cheesemaking are, switzerland in made cheese called Appenzell.Next is Mexico in made cheese called Asadero.This one famous cheese are from this country called Gorgonzola and Mozarella and it is coma from italy.. for more info you can go straight to the web as stated below...

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