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Yeah baby!! lets talk about cheese.. one of my favourite food!!!

Actually im a bit glad to have this oppurtunity and chance to make some of the article of cheese.While im busy in studying and doing reseach about this thing it make me realize that i need to know something about it.. so lets accompany me as we learn together what i have found some of the info of the yellow some round and some cube shape thing called cheese!! ullalla!!

Cheese is mainly nutrious food made mostly from milk cows but also other mammals

include sheep,goat,buffalo,reindeer,camels and yaks.around 400 years ago,people started to breed animals and process milk and thats when cheese is born.

what i know is about 670 cheese around the world by each country of its origin.

Famous cheese well known is Cheddar,camembert,stilton,parmesan and other so much more.


Do you believe that cheese is actually came from prehistoric times.It can't said to be create or invented.simple result in nepotism(plz refer to dictionary) the cheese itself is left in the container ends up by coagulating and even more it is hot.In warmer weather,the milk would curdle faster than in cold.So i think this is might actually considered as the first technological cheesemaking history.There a few country which had the greatest named in history of cheesemaking are, switzerland in made cheese called Appenzell.Next is Mexico in made cheese called Asadero.This one famous cheese are from this country called Gorgonzola and Mozarella and it is coma from italy.. for more info you can go straight to the web as stated below...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sumo is a generous traditional sports of Japan which the athlete will try to push the opponent out from the rounded court called Dohyo or to force their opponent to touch the ground with any parts of their body except for their feet.People in Japan assume that sumo as kokugi(national skill).

It is the one of the oldest tradition until today.Eventhough,this type of sport still have many ceremony elements like the use of salt as the concecration since period of shinto religion adherent.


The professional sumo are officially organised by Nihon Sumo Kyokai or the association of japan sumo.The members of association,oyakata(teacher) all of them are the ex-athlete of sumo sports.They are the one who responsible to train the fresh students.All the sumo trainees are still the meembers of the training centre,Heya(Rooms) manage by one of the oyakata who trains under him.until nowdays about 54 heya placed around 700 sumo members.


Each of them will divide into 6 group according to their standards.Once they turn into the world of professional sumo,they will start from the lower part as a beginner and after they will attempt to reach the higher stages of sumo status.

the first two level of upper status is called sekitori(gateway holder).while those who are at the bottom line known as rikishi.Well if you heard this name look like familiar its true because if you are the one of the fan of favourite channel of wwe champion on television program,one of their wrestler use this title as his name 'rikishi'.

Actually there have a lot of title in the profession of sumo but there have one the highest level in this system which is known as yokozuna and the other 5 group which is start from upper to lower are juryo,makushita,sandanme,jonidan and the last one is jonokuchi.

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its kind a pretty weird to see such of a waste to spend a lots of money in order to buy

something that we have have nothing to do about it.But for some bunch of people who

recognize themselves as collection keepers.. buying thigs that they want n dreamnt for

is a really a satisfaction.Different people have different way to get their things they want

but for rich people money is not a restriction.The reason is,they can afford and willing

to spend millions of money to buy their desires.

  • FERRARI CALIFORNIA SPIDER CAR(US$10,894,900 million)

This fabeolus and beautiful car have been buyed in an auction that have conducted at
Maranelo,Italy in 2007 by the host radio Chris Evans who worked at Britain.The car who
owned by James Carbon,an actor before is successfully sold by twice of the expected price the
car would be sold.

  • WITTELLSBATCH DIAMOND(US$24,311,191 million)

'DIAMONDS ARE WOMEN BEST FRIENDS' that is the best expression that synonim to diamond with women ecspecially.The historical diamond of Wittelsbatch is sold once as the most expensive diamond stone in an auction.It have been purchased by laurence Graff company, the leading company of all time.


The crazyness to buy n collecting the baseball card at west country ecspecially America is a normal interest.maybe it is because of their fanatic to the games n ecspecially to the players of the team.In the gloriness of the player of the baseball team,Honus Wagner is one of the greatest player that leads to the victory of his team so no wonder his card be sold at the highest price.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Did u ever heard about the book known as ART OF WAR
heard of the named is a bit scary rite.. and actually as the fact if we want to speak
further about this book is more complicated than what do u think of.

This is a book that ages more than a thousand years,and so many philosopher also
researcher impress and used the book as guidence to their studied and view.
Until nowdays the book of ART OF WAR still be kept in use in many learning institution
even in college and university.


if we say that this book is only about war.We have wrong,otherwise this book is actually
deliver a story of successful and victory.It alert us about the way in which we can achieve
something we need without conflict arises and how we can conduct the situation.
The book ART OF WAR was written by the great China general soldier named SUN TZU.
He explained the strategy of war in his different view and concept.The 5 major element
in his book is:

DAO- means way of destiny(philosophy)
TIAN-means heaven(enviromental factor)
DI-means earth(situation)
JIANG-means leadership
FA-means law(art of war)


according to philosophy,enemy who in the boat also will cooperate among themselves
to ensure they all can keep survive if they faced,an equal idea and idetification
that shared together can close the relationship and unite them to be strong,tough and useful
enough as a team.besides that SUN TZU also focused on a few more element that
important to be consider.That is we have to prepare ourself entirely and the victory will
be achieved if we clever enough to take suitable action to the movement of our enemy
respevtively.He also said that,the unplanned and rushing combat or war,severally
will brings to a victory and having a conflict is not good.Even if we involve in the long
conflict,it is the most worst experience eventhough at the end we are the winner...


In November 1971,a company known as Intel released their first and the only one
miccroprosesor in the entire world at that time named as Intel 4004 ( U.S Patent #3821715)

that was invented by a group of engineer of the intel Company,federico Faggin,Ted Hoff and Stan Mazor.With the successful invention and creation of the microprocessor,thus another positive development of computering technology achieved their new standard classification
which all the part of a computer that response will be collect in a smallest cip,including it processes,memory,input and output control.

the source collected and edited from apolusia Magz...