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its kind a pretty weird to see such of a waste to spend a lots of money in order to buy

something that we have have nothing to do about it.But for some bunch of people who

recognize themselves as collection keepers.. buying thigs that they want n dreamnt for

is a really a satisfaction.Different people have different way to get their things they want

but for rich people money is not a restriction.The reason is,they can afford and willing

to spend millions of money to buy their desires.

  • FERRARI CALIFORNIA SPIDER CAR(US$10,894,900 million)

This fabeolus and beautiful car have been buyed in an auction that have conducted at
Maranelo,Italy in 2007 by the host radio Chris Evans who worked at Britain.The car who
owned by James Carbon,an actor before is successfully sold by twice of the expected price the
car would be sold.

  • WITTELLSBATCH DIAMOND(US$24,311,191 million)

'DIAMONDS ARE WOMEN BEST FRIENDS' that is the best expression that synonim to diamond with women ecspecially.The historical diamond of Wittelsbatch is sold once as the most expensive diamond stone in an auction.It have been purchased by laurence Graff company, the leading company of all time.


The crazyness to buy n collecting the baseball card at west country ecspecially America is a normal interest.maybe it is because of their fanatic to the games n ecspecially to the players of the team.In the gloriness of the player of the baseball team,Honus Wagner is one of the greatest player that leads to the victory of his team so no wonder his card be sold at the highest price.

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